Sustainable Habitats – Chicago, IL

A series of garden spaces join the home’s architecture in developing an urban site respectful of environmental impact. Locally sourced limestone pavers and black locust lumber, along with native plant selections and water management methods support this residence earning it Silver Certification from LEED for Homes. Folding exterior glass walls open the rear of the home to a swatch of artificial turf. Columnar trees and a wood-burning fireplace provide privacy and comfort as the garage roof garden becomes an extension of this space. Where sunlight is abundant the main roof is used to establish an organic edible garden flourishing with fruits, vegetables and herbs. A LiveRoof green roof system accents the edible garden and assists in water conservation, urban heat island mitigation and habitat recreation for butterflies and insects. The sum of these spaces capture a clean, crisp design committed to sustainable landscape practices.

Check our blog HERE for construction photos of this project.

August 08, 2012